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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sending Documents to Students Using Doctopus

Using the spreadsheet add-on, Doctopus, can assist teachers in

  • distributing assignment templates
  • sharing unit resources
  • creating collaborative work groups
  • providing feedback
  • gathering and assessing student work

To start using Doctopus you will need to first have a spreadsheet with student's names and school issued Google account email.  You can easily gather this information using a Google Form like THIS.

After you have your roster created, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Drive
  2. Create a new Spreadsheet
  3. Name the Spreadsheet (Assignment Title, Class Period)
  4. Select Add-ons
  5. Select Doctopus and Launch (+Free button)

  6. Choose Roster, Use this roster  (I had to Build a New Roster, on this Sheet- I copied from a previous one & Pasted)
  7. If you need to add a student you may do so.  Remember to click Update From Sheet.  Click Next.  Set roster name. Create class folders.
  8. Student folders are created:  
  9. Select how you want your document to be shared with your students. 
  10. Choose how you want your students to access the document.  Co-Teachers may be added. 
  11. Select the FOLDER that has your file.  
  12. Place a check in the box in the corner of your folder and click Select 
  13. Select the file or folder you would like to share.
  14. Select Save & Continue
  15. Rename the folder (Assignment Name, Class Period).  Then Click Create New Folder.  Name the Assignment. Then, copy and paste any of the blue variables after the assignment name.  Then click Save & Continue.
  16. Click Run Copy & Share
  17.  Doctopus Created a copy of the assignment for each student.  Click "Continue"  
  18. To lock the assignment select, "Embargo for grading"

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Tech

CFSD has approved many different technology resources for teachers and students to use.  I have decided to create a calendar for you to explore and discover some of these great resources.

Click the picture to download the pdf version of the calendar.
What are your go-to resources?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Creating Gmail Groups

Creating a mailing list (group) in Gmail saves a lot of time and effort when sending a mass email.  It's not hard to do, just follow the steps I've created below (clicking on the image will open the file for you)...

Now you can type the group name as you normally would type email addresses or contact names, and by selecting the group from the drop down menu, the group's contacts are automatically inserted. Your email recipients will not see your group name when they receive the email, but instead will see all the individual contact names and email addresses listed as normal.
Happy emailing!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A New Journey

I originally created my first blog EMDT & Me, Tawnya Lee! as a requirement for one of my Masters courses.  After completion of the course and obtaining my MA I never followed through with maintaining my blog.
Fuerteventura East Coast by Kathleen Steegmans

This year I am making the transition from Educator to Curriculum Technology Integrator.  I thought it appropriate to start a new blog to share my reflections, experiences, and knowledge.  To ensure I get off to a good start I have joined the Edublogs Teacher Challenge.  Throughout the challenge my new blog will get a makeover as I get refreshed with different features and I will be sure to post regularly.